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All eligible veterans may download and complete an application by clicking here or contact Earl by phone 231-881-0844  or email Eruttkofsky9771@aol.com.

Wilwin at Cygnet Cove sits on 1183 acres of land in a peaceful area approximately 4 miles south of the peaceful community of Custer, Mason County, Michigan. Continuing our mission as a veterans facility, Wilwin at Cygnet Cove is a place for hope and healing; recovery and renewal; education and inspiration; sharing and support.

Currently, the main house will be wheelchair accessible by May, 2016, and has four bedrooms and four baths and can house 8-12 people. The care-taker’s house is set up for year around care-taking, something not offered at our former facility in the U.P. The care-takers house has an attached workshop and large garage. In addition, Cygnet Cove has a 67 acre private lake (Lake Woodruff), with boat house and dock. Recreational programs now include swimming, canoeing, boating or fishing the lake on a pontoon boat, or relaxing near the lake. The facility is also within a few miles of the Pere Marquette River, a well know river for trout fishing and kayaking. Additional facilities on the property include a two-car garage (to be converted into a totally handicapped apartment. Above the garage is a full apartment that can house 4 people.

There are well over 15 miles of recreational trails for hiking, 4-wheeling, and bicycling. The back acreage of the lake is home to migrating birds. There is a walkway to a lookout site within the marsh. The marsh is also the headwaters to the Pentwater River. There is also acreage that will remain a milkweed preserve that is home to thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies each fall. Believe it or not, there is more wildlife activity at Cygnet Cove than at our old facility in the U.P.

Deep sea fishing on Lake Michigan is available at Ludington located approximately 15 miles to the East.

Cabins for our PTSD and TBI veterans and a central dining area and laundry facility are scheduled to be built at a remote location on the property during the summer of 2016.

Please check out this video to hear how the wonderful facility we had in the U.P. affected so many veterans and how you can help us do even more.



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Yes, Wilwin at Cygnet Cove is the official name of the new location for Wilwin, located south of Custer, Michigan. A special thank you from the Board of Directors to Adjutant Runyan, Commander, Mike Buda, Wilwin CEO, Steve Striggow, Department Finance Officer, Roger Avie, PDC and Wilwin Board member, Emeritus, Carnie Jackson, Department Judge Advocate, Elmer White, and the legal minds at Willingham and Cote, especially attorneys and Legionnaires Kimberlee Hillock and John Yeager.


Wilwin at Cygnet Cove is located at 3383 E. Hawley Road, Custer, MI 49405, approximately 15 miles southeast of Ludington in Mason County. The property consists of 1183 acres which includes a private lake.


A “solicitation for funds” letter will be sent to all Posts, Squadrons, and Auxiliary Units shortly. Please contribute as we will need operating funds for this location just as we needed operating funds at Trout Lake.


Anyone who would like to volunteer to help move to the new location or who would like to stay at the new location this spring, summer or fall, please contact Earl or Beverly Ruttkofsky at 231-229-5030 or 231-881-0844.


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